You are invited to join us for a series of enriching events, all offering you ways to unlearn and enjoy your deepening into the Core, finding your way to greater Wakefulness and Wholeness of Being.


Satsang  | Dance Meditation | Walking Immersive | New Years Retreat



Pema Salem, 44 years, living on Møn island, Denmark. Inspirator and guide into union with Reality on all levels of life, love and being – as realisation and full application of the Deepest of Intimacy, Wildest of Wonder and actualisation of the True Human Potential.

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You're invited Back into the Natural Flow of Life

- in waves of Satsang/Essential Un:learning, Playing in Creation of Beauty & Enjoyment

Satsang with Pema Salem

~ Embrace of Truth, Wild Wonder & Wisdom ~

A Satsang is an intimate gathering and space for exploring and deeply meeting our True nature and Essence. In Satsang, we do guided meditations and enquiry into realising and living Reality sitting in strong Presence and transmission.

Welcome to…

  • Clarity without sharpness

  • True souls Nakedness & Rawness to Life

  • All-inclusion & Totality of Truth

  • Subtle & Silent Strength of Being

  • Profound & True Intelligence

Venue: The Center, Noordhoek

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Exchange: R400 + booking fees

Dancing the Dark Queen

~ A Dance Meditation with Pema Salem ~

An invitation for you to come and let go into a deep and wonderous musical journey, designed to take you Home inside yourself and Meet your core as well as deeper layers of your nature.

Pleasure in Motion - Movement & Release - Freedom for Body and Soul

  • Opening with a full body meditation

  • 1.5 hours is spent in contemplation and movement with your body in engagement with the music - inside and out

  • After the dance we’ll enjoy a tea in sacred and silent Being together

Venue: Erin Hall, Rondebosch

Time: 6:30pm - 9pm

Exchange: R400 + booking fees

An Elemental Adventure

~ Walking Immersive ~

Welcome to a day of Deep Union with the Force of Nature 

The work and being of Pema Salem offers boundless space for exploration, inspiration, transformation and Joy in discovery of your Essential nature and emergence as Truth in form.

  • Together we’ll walk to Redhill Dam in silent Being and mindful Care 

  • Pema will invite us into the water - for water-teachings - and sacred merging with the elements. 

  • On our return walk through earth & air, we’ll drop deeply into belly & breath

  • We’ll complete our Elemental Adventure with time of Truth-enquiry with Pema and a journey of sacred-sounding around the fire

Time: 2pm - 8pm

Exchange: R1450 + booking fees

Welcome to New Year's retreat at Bodhi Khaya -

a Truly Intimate time in the Deeply Sacred flow of Life


We welcome you to embrace the full experience of Returning Home to an inner foundation of true intimacy with your Core, body and Being, in a beautiful, safely and sacredly Held environment.


You are invited to join Pema into deep relaxation, intimacy and union with Reality. All the way from your Empty and pre-existential Core, over your recognition as Love and all the way into the Earth, intimacy and realisation as the Power of Creation. It is an invitation to meet yourself in Truth, which allows for a full relaxation into your innermost Being and the recognition of your true nature – as the boundless Joy of Infinity in Intimacy – fully inclusive of fulfilment in every level of our human existence.


29 December 2023 - 3 January 2024

Starting with dinner @ 6pm on Friday 29 December 2023

Finishing with lunch @ 1pm on Wednesday 3 January 2024

Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat, Nr. Stanford, South Africa


Daily Schedule

Daily satsang session, pure transmission through meditation and a natural flow between enjoyment, rest, movement meditation, dancing, bonfires, forest walks and lily-pond dips...


Ceremonial Celebration

For the year-end and a guided journey through the portal of time into 2024

Pema will lead us in ceremony, meditation and movement to gently remove the masks and self-defences we have built up and leave them on the threshold of the new dawn, so we can enter the New Year unmasked and strong in our true vulnerability and nakedness.

After the ceremony we will gather around the bonfire enjoying kirtan, prayer, medicine songs, mantra and silence. Be welcome to bring your drums, shakers and other instruments!



We cater three vegetarian meals per day and accommodate reasonable dietary needs. Bodhi Khaya has a reputation for delicious, nurturing & nourishing country food using organic, seasonal produce fresh from the garden and other locally sourced fresh ingredients, combined with the cook’s spontaneous creativity! Vegan diets are easily catered for.


Inspirator & Guide:

Pema Salem, 44 years, living on Møn island, Denmark. Inspirator and guide into union with Reality on all levels of life, love and being – as realisation and full application of the Deepest of Intimacy, Wildest of Wonder and actualisation of the True Human Potential.

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Rhianne van der Linde is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her knowing that embodiment is rooted in relaxation and that every breath is an opportunity for us to wake-up to the bliss that is our birthright, inspires her to co-create intimate spaces for vulnerable exploration and sharing in Truth.

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EARLY BIRD until 31 October 2023

Cloister (single) = R 10,000 / $670

Twin Share ensuite = R 11,125 / $745

Twin Share ensuite (single) = R 13,250 / $885

Garden room shared = R 11,875 / $795

Garden room (single) = R 14,250 / $950

Camping with own tent & bedding etc. (single or sharing) = R8,000 / $535 (Camping is limited to 8 tents only)

* Prices include all accommodation, meals & facilitation

All prices are per person (sharing or single)

NB: Please note single accommodation is limited and on a first come first serve basis


EFT for payment in ZAR

PayPal me link for payment in $ or Credit Card link for payment in $


After 31 October, FULL PRICE applies - please add ZAR 1000 / $100 to your choice of accommodation above




WhatsApp:  0836791297


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